This Summit will showcase success of what has worked and where and will address some of the big questions being asked by boards today.

Most of the transitions and achievements from the last year have relied on strong partnerships and relationships. We will bring you insights from leading strategists, business leaders and technology experts to help challenge thinking and set clear sight lines for recovery. 

COVID-19 profoundly affected the norms of business across every industry and geography. From new ways of working (or not), long-lasting shifts in customer psychology and behaviour, and radically transformed operational networks and business portfolios, the world is now very different, for better as well as for worse.

Since March 2020, the CCA network has collaborated like never before to provide support and guidance to each other on how to best deal with unforeseen challenges presented by the pandemic.

With much of the population vaccinated, but the threat of the virus still ever present, how do we understand the most appropriate operating models that will support a practical and safe return to a new normal.

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24 June 2021

1400-1500 - What the tech? The tools companies need to navigate WFA 
In 2020, organisations were forced to react to unprecedented events. Many didn’t believe remote working at scale would last. At first, it seemed inconceivable to support a remote workforce even in the short-term. Now, it’s time to put these misconceptions to bed.
Restrictions are easing, and we are seeing organisations adopt ‘work from anywhere’ or ‘hybrid working’. In fact, research from the BBC tells us that 50 of the UK's biggest employers don’t plan to bring staff back to the office full-time. Instead, most will offer a mixture of home, office and remote working. 
But how will this work for businesses that need to ensure their customer service operation is aligned with the wider organisation? What technologies will ensure agents feel supported and empowered to do their jobs well from wherever they are? 
Session facilitator: Nicola Collister, MD, Custerian 
Session speakers: Mark Finnigan, Contact Centre Account Executive, RingCentral and Joe Brackenborough, Digital Transformation Manager, Thanet Council
1500-1600 - Delivering Digital Customer Service Beyond the Pandemic 
CX was not doing that well even before COVID-19, as many industry surveys had shown, the Forrester CX Index being a prime example. With the novel coronavirus, it has gotten worse, with messages like, “Response times will be longer due to COVID-19,” seen on websites and heard in contact centres. How do you deal with this surge in demand for service with speed, scale and quality? Join this session to learn how a leading insurance firm and eGain client, did just that amidst a 700% increase in customer contact volume.
Session facilitator: Andy Mends, Director of Operations, Gavi Alliance 
Session speaker: Stephen Kennedy, Head of EMEA Solutions, eGain
1600-1700 - Transforming your Customer Service with Journey Mapping and Orchestration

We may not be able to predict the future, but it’s easy to see that the customer service operation of 2022 will significantly differ from the contact centre of 2019. The foreseeable future is full of likely challenges, including; customers continuing to shift channel preference, competitive pressure on customer experience, product teams reacting quickly to market dynamics, regulators altering laws to adapt to post-COVID society, and employee turnover increasing in the “Great Resignation.” As you build the future, you will have to empathise with your customers at scale, map common processes as customer journeys, and orchestrate these journeys for maximum impact. British Gas’ Adam Firbank and Quadient’s Scott Draeger will share insights in how you can get in front of the challenges of 2022.

Session facilitator: Nicola Collister, MD, Custerian
Session speakers: Scott Draeger, VP of Digital Transformation, Quadient and Adam Firbank, Journey Practice Lead, British Gas
25 June 2021
1400-1500 - Industry Debate: CX predictions for a post-pandemic world 

The world of customer experience has evolved. Customers expect to receive a personalised, joined-up customer journey, no matter the channel, time, or place that they choose to contact an organisation from.  

As the majority of businesses now compete solely on the basis of CX, companies that cannot deliver cutting-edge, technology-backed engagement will lose out to competitors. With recession on the horizon, now is the time for any business hoping to profit from uncertainty to innovate, and lead the charge into a new era of CX excellence.

Session facilitator: Peter Doveren, Client Partner Director, Capita
Session speakers: Federico Televes, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan and tbc, Sabio
1500-1600 - Going hybrid? The future of work is here  
Last year during the pandemic, the focus was on trust, moving to the cloud, staying connected in the first phase of a new normal. 
Fast forward 15 months the focus is hybrid teams and hybrid employees. We are in the normal. How do we make sure employees are supported the same way under a hybrid model? And what do we continue now to keep them happy and equal under hybrid?
  • Providing support for those being brought back into an office. 
  • Recent research shows people also want to work in cafes / shops, how do you have that equitable experience? 
  • How do you replace the supervisor experience?
  • How do you replace the supervisor connection of walking around talking, coaching and seeing people like the ones back in an office? They don’t want to be missed, feel isolated. People don’t want to be overlooked for career development? How do you mitigate risk of losing employees? 
  • How does your business make sure there are connections across the customer service team itself? And that engagement levels are at least on-par with in-office staff?
Session facilitator: Graham Brown, Chief Revenue Officer, HGS 
Session panelists: 
Richard Kenny, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Contact Centre & Unified Communications, Poly
David Cousins, Flex/CC Sales Leader - EMEA & APJ, Twilio
João Gonzalez, Head of International Accounts, GoContact