How can companies improve the way they recognise, record and respond to vulnerable customers in the face of looming global financial hardship?

Improving the identification and treatment of vulnerable customers is high on the agenda for many industries. Regulatory bodies like the FCA and Ofgem have clear strategies on how they expect companies within their sector to address current customer vulnerability shortcomings.

In this roundtable, in partnership with Aveni, we will explore the impact these regulations are having on companies’ customer operations, quality assurance processes and staff training as it relates to customer vulnerability.  We will discuss how new innovations such as/including speech analytics can help companies better recognise, record and respond to its vulnerable customers and in doing so, ensure greater regulatory compliance.

For discussion: 

  • What are the biggest challenges you face when ensuring compliance to the latest regulatory standards surrounding customer vulnerability?
  • How have regulatory changes impacted your organisation both financially and operationally? What changes have you made as a result? 
  • What does a gold standard vulnerability process look like to you?
  • What insights/data do you have on both an individual customer level and a population level? What information do you wish you could have around vulnerability? What are your blind spots? What do you wish you could measure?
  • How do your staff respond to customer vulnerability? What are the unforeseen challenges for them? How do you support and motivate them? 
  • What performance, learning and development issues have you experienced around customer vulnerability?  
  • How confident are you in your current QA process? What concerns do you have when regulators audit your calls?

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