Many organisations are reporting an increase in scamming with more and more victims being reached by mail, via social networks and through mobile phones and devices.  

It is possible to sign post customers to agencies such as Action in Fraud but is there more we can do to protect ourselves and our customers against this criminal activity?

How do you respond to customers that report being scammed?
What support and advice do you provide?
Do you train colleagues on what to look out for?
How do you communicate or share known threats with customers?
Have you actively pursued known scammers and taken legal action? Has this been successful and what were the outcomes?
Do you partner with any third party agencies to help raise awareness and safe-guard customers?

If this is an issue for you please join us on 6th July and invite relevant colleagues who can share experiences and help develop best practices in this area.

If you would like to contribute or add to the agenda please get in touch