As a senior business leader, you are challenged with cost reduction, navigating and simplifying complicated customer journeys, and in many ways turning traditional business models on their heads. How best should you lead the charge on service, CX, and digital and people transformation?

This new research programme will help guide us to make the right decisions for future service and CX propositions. Discussions will include:

  • The displacement of work 
  • The needs and capabilities of the future generation 
  • The changing perception of service 
  • Balancing opportunity and growth with risk and uncertainty 
  • The future of self-serve 
  • Collaborative leadership 


To find out how to get involved please get in touch. 

Session 2: ICYMI Our work of work is changing

The fast-track to homeworking in response to the pandemic has created seismic shifts in how we work. Work is no longer a place but what we do. 
As we begin to grapple with the shift back to an office environment many factors are at play that will dictate and influence how we progress to the future. Brands across all sectors are considering different options depending on size of operation, property estate available, employee preferences etc.
Facilitated by leading future of work expert John Knell and with a guest contribution from Ben Page, CEO, Ipsos Mori we’ll be looking to make sense of today to predict for the future. Critical questions we need to consider are:
  • If we accept that hybrid working has speeded up, what will the ‘people’ element of future working look like? 
  • How can you measure where the value is of bringing people together and where productivity is optimum by working remotely?
  • How do we keep the ‘humanity’ in hybrid?
  • Is a likely future much more about upskilling customer service than ever before?
  • Will the displacement of work be detrimental or will it create new opportunities for our workforce?
  • If our population is willing to self-serve, what will this mean for your future service offering and the type of customer facing people you employ?
  • Will we require more specialist roles and recruit for specific skill sets versus volume recruitment?
  • Does homeworking create new opportunities for recruitment?
  • To what extent will companies invest in their future employee population?
These are just some of the questions we’ll be addressing in Session 2 of CCA Customer Service and CX Scenarios to 2025 on 28 April 2021.