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The world of customer experience has evolved. Customers expect to receive a personalised, joined-up customer journey, no matter the channel, time, or place that they choose to contact an organisation from.  As the majority of businesses now compete solely on the basis of CX, companies that cannot deliver cutting-edge, technology-backed engagement will lose out to competitors. With recession on the horizon, now is the time for any business hoping to profit from uncertainty to innovate, and lead the charge into a new era of CX excellence.

Join Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO of Content Guru, as he hosts a discussion on the changing world of customer experience with Frost & Sullivan analysts Federico Teveles and Alexander Michael. Frost & Sullivan, a leading global business consultancy, has over 60 years’ experience partnering with corporations, cities, governments, and investor communities to build a future powered by growth.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Implement comprehensive customer journey mapping across an omnichannel CX estate
  • Lead the way with cutting-edge intelligent automation and AI functionality
  • Adapt to The New Normal with enhanced flexibility, and agile homeworking functionality
  • Effortlessly scale up your services to handle spikes in demand, without compromising on service quality
  • Drive revenue from legacy systems by seamlessly integrating evergreen technology into your contact centre
  • Drive profitability from uncertainty with exceptional CX