The CCA Global Standard© is a progressive industry accreditation which challenges organisations to raise the bar and bring everyone in the enterprise closer to customers.

It provides a valuable tool-kit for those seeking to transition to new models and provides solid guidance on customer experience measurement, dealing with vulnerability, homeworking and other models, employee engagement and wellbeing. 

Since 2000, over 750 organisations have adopted the accreditation and used it to support the business through periods of growth, transformation and change.  

Have you ever asked:-

- What are the benefits of being accredited? 
- Will it work for my organisation? 
- Is it something I can sell into senior management and get buy-in from the team? 
- Is it expensive? 
- How long does it take? Do I have the resource to dedicate to the process?
- Who is accredited and why do they do it? 
- What happens if we don't meet the requirements? 

This session will explain what is involved, and is an opportunity to understand more about the process, costs, timeframes, challenges and the opportunities accreditation offers. Led by Martin Gilhooly from the CCA Assessment Team it will provide an informal introduction to help you understand if accreditation is right for your people and your organisation.