There’s been a notable change in tone around the development of the track and trace app; the health secretary yesterday admitting that it might not be perfect but that this shouldn’t stop us progressing, learning and improving. Similarly, there was an admission that we don’t yet have all the answers as we develop the tests - but we are backing them anyway rather than wait for perfection.

A similar sentiment is echoed in many of the conversations with members this week. The fallout from the shock of this pandemic means that many of the roadblocks and inhibitors, which once seemed so essential, have been brushed aside to get new systems in place. 

This has led to a big conversation about decision making - is it time for an overhaul in thinking post-pandemic to make mission critical decisions with confidence, rather than procrastination and hiding behind layers of processes and checks, some of which have undoubtedly had their day?

A ‘can we’ rather than ‘we can’t because’ is the new approach, more akin to start up organisations built around customers rather than legacy companies traditionally built around the organisation. This is undoubtedly refreshing for those used to working in fast-paced customer operations, but it does require a lot of trust and of course a tolerance afforded when things don’t work out perfectly.

This week we hosted another virtual event for organisations interested in digital developments in the current climate. Our session in partnership with Oracle focused on ‘digital reset, restart, reinvent’ provided some great insights about breakneck speed implementations from all sectors and a discussion about the change in culture supporting this; what will prevail after and what will return to normal? 

We were encouraged to replace the phrase ‘new normal’ with ‘next normal’ reflecting the notion that as shocks happen with increased frequency, we require to be nimble and agile in our approach to what’s normal.  

Thanks to everyone who took part in our conversations this week, as speakers and contributors at the Oracle Digital session, Business Process Outsourcing industry event, and this morning’s weekly pandemic weekly update. 

I hope that everyone manages a bit of self-care this weekend - remember this is a really difficult climate and highly stressful for just about everyone trying to figure out what’s best.

Let’s remember that Perfect is the enemy of good!

Have a lovely weekend.

Anne Marie