We had one of our speaker lunches in London this week, and as ever at these events the conversation is never forced!

Everyone has something to share about the experiences of getting in touch with organisations and more importantly getting issues resolved when they do.  

We heard from Alex Nisbett from LOCOG about how the extensive customer experience planning before the Olympics really paid off...particularly when there was no second chance to make a first impression. I'm really looking forward to hearing him speak at Convention on 7 November, where he has promised some insights into new ways of designing customer journeys!

John Knell, back by popular demand, has updated his ever popular 80 minute MBA. In a world where we never seem to have enough time, this innovative programme certainly ticks all the boxes for me.
Sarah Parry from Coca Cola Enterprises promises fresh insight from their usage of new channels including social. Many of us are aware of the huge success Coca Cola has had in this area.
We've also had fun trying to put our themes into visuals; not easy in a sector where we tend to be fond of lengthy explanations (not to mention acronyms) but great progress here which will hopefully inspire our delegates.
As luck would have it I chose this week to travel the length and breadth of UK by train...can there really be any more rain left to fall? Let's all hope for some sunshine this weekend.