After years of waiting, the official opening of the London Olympics 2012 is upon us.  Years of planning, organisation and, I’m sure, lots of blood, sweat and tears have come together for what promises to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.  With no second chances available, and the eyes of the world watching, it’s not only the athletes who will be under scrutiny – the spectator experience will need to be world-class, as like all other organisations, there is no hiding place in our social media-savvy planet!

For CCA we wait with baited breath to hear first-hand from Alex Nisbett, from Spectator Experience, London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics at our 18th Annual Convention in Glasgow on 6 & 7 November.  Delivering the ultimate customer experience for the Olympic Games is an immense challenge.  How can you prepare for this? How can you plan for not knowing what might go wrong? How can other organisations learn from this experience to transform their everyday interactions with customers, to deliver the ‘ultimate customer experience’ time and again, each and every day.
Good luck to all involved and can’t wait to hear more.