In days gone by, consumers (who were just people back then) would purchase whatever they needed from the shops in their local high street. They would likely drop into the same stores several times a week, and shopkeepers would take a few minutes for a chat. Over time, those conversations would yield a wealth of information – on family likes and dislikes, habits and hobbies, birthdays and other notable events.  These gathered snippets of data meant the shopkeeper knew what was important to his customers and could make a personal and relevant connection with each and every one.  When the shopkeeper remembered a birthday, or put aside a scarce product he knew a particular customer would appreciate, it made them feel valued and special.

Service is still… Service
The age old service agenda has changed little in the modern environment. Brands today still need to make that deep personal connection with their customers; it drives the holy grail of commerce – loyalty
For years, segmentation was the buzzword. But it’s a crude mechanism and today it’s no longer sufficient simply to categorise the customer into a demographic according to their age or location, earning power or family status. With the digital age comes a vast wealth of information. Each customer can now be treated as a distinct individual, not part of a collective group or sub-group.
When everything can be tracked, the trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ each of us leaves through our searches, comments and activities, spending patterns and purchases is immense.  The challenge for brands then, is how to capitalise on this vast wealth of data – to manage it, understand it, and make it actionable. That means the personalisation of each and every customer’s experience at every point in their journey, from prompts, promotions and offers, through payment options, communication channels, delivery preferences, service and support, and much more.
The core needs for a personalised service are the same as ever – in the digital era, it’s just the context that’s changed. The age-old customer/shopkeeper relationship has to upscale for thousands of customers, both on and offline, who can all be treated as individuals, each with their unique profile of preferences and characteristics, to deliver a truly personalised, intimately relevant experience.

Where is the Customer Experience going?
From its heritage, inventing the world’s highest performing database, Oracle is today at the forefront of empowering and accelerating the modern business through cloud and data driven technologies. Oracle is hosting Modern Business Experience on 1-2 February, 2017 at ExCel London.  This event is dedicated to challenging business leaders across all functions to sharpen their competitive edge, with presentations from entrepreneurs, innovators and leading thinkers. Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA will be speaking in the Customer Service strand, and delegates are assured of a wealth of thought-provoking and informative content across-the-board, as well as the chance to assess cutting-edge technology solutions. 
If you’re looking for insight into ‘the art of the possible’, to understand how your business can harness the Internet of Things and where the personalised customer journey is headed, Modern Business Experience is a not-to-be-missed event.
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