Christmas is nearly here and twinkling lights are shining bright
It’s been a funny old year, need to keep hope in our sight

What do we want for 2022?
Peace, health and being with our loved ones are high on the list
And Santa, if there’s spare goodwill, a return to the stuff we've missed?

We’ve all been good and done as we’re told
We feel with every day we’re being kept on hold
In a world where certainty is scarce, yet demands are high
With so much fear and gloom, to say our jobs are easy would be telling a lie

So many unsung heroes
Calming the angry and sorting their woes
Listening to customers having their say
Doing the do, day after day

The tech has been great - Santa was it from you?
It made things easier and sometimes a bit less for us to do
But please, can we have the latest versions so we can go the extra mile
And wow the callers to make them smile
That way we’d all be happier, now that’s worthwhile

We’re often at home at a kitchen table
WFH is easy..  that’s a fable!
Can you arrange some magic dust to spray
And take the noise and interruptions away?

For a comfy chair and a wee back rub to soothe the pain
From sitting too long, intentions of moving are all in vain

Oh and a magic eraser for the difficult calls
That plague the mind when the day should be done
Now that would be a winner, and then some

Santa hopefully this is not too much
We don’t want to be greedy but our needs are such
We love to connect and make people smile
But we need the tools to go the extra mile

We are all doing our best to look out for the vulnerable and weak
And will continue, day after day, week after week
We know the impact our actions have in every way
We can make or break a person's mood day after day

Hopefully we will raise a big cheer
For kindness hope and goodwill and all the very best to all for a
Happy New Year!

From myself and all the team at CCA

Anne Marie Forsyth