Since March 2020 there has been an unprecedented shift to new models of working in customer service.

Long-standing business and operating models have been broken and we have ‘permission’ to rebuild a future-proof approach to emerge stronger, more efficient, and more agile than before. There is a need for organisations to revisit - and reinvent - how well they have prepared their leaders to lead, from front line managers to those in the board room.

Since February this year, led by CCA Visionaries, we have been working with more than 50 of the leading service and CX brands across the UK & Ireland with programme partners HGS and Oracle, to explore different future scenarios to anticipate what service will look like towards 2025.

As we move forward, it is not simply about the right mix of remote and virtual working, it's how these elements come together with what was there before, the changes being planned to operations, honing new leadership capabilities and delivering on ambitions for outstanding customer service in the future.

Building that future together in a collaborative way is incredibly powerful and we will be sharing the outputs and conclusions in the coming weeks. Make sure you are ahead of the curve and register your interest in attending our launch event on 4 November and access the published report.