CCA Spotlight Awards

There are many amazing examples of brilliance, teamwork, ambition, commitment and dedication within your organisations that deserve to be recognised.

Tell us and share why your leader, manager, peer, or team deserve to be put into the spotlight and receive the praise and applause they wholeheartedly deserve.

The speed and severity of change over the last two years has left little time for individuals and organisations to reflect and plan for the future. New challenges, behaviours and ways of working have emerged around delivering customer experiences whilst remaining competitive and at all times aiming to deliver service excellence.

Winners of CCA Spotlight Awards announced in Glasgow 27 April 2022

Jason Leach Colleague Engagement & Comms Lead, Barclays  |  Martyn Capie Customer Engagement Team Manager, Caledonian MacBrayne  |  Gemma Barry Senior Manager - Savings Contact Centre, Coventry Building Society  |  Kelly Arrol Chief Operating Officer, go-centric Ltd  |  Mark Cowen Engagement and Wellness Manager, go-centric Ltd  |  Adele Mitchell Operations Manager, go-centric Ltd  |  Thomas Mair Operations Manager, go-centric Ltd  |  Catherine Morley Team Leader, go-centric Ltd  |  Steven Polk Team Leader, go-centric Ltd  |  Yvonne Harris Head of Customer Operations, Irish Water  |  Nicola Lawson Team Leader, KCOM  |  Vikki Hansford Customer Journey Lead, KCOM  |  Molly Storm Applications Processor, NHS Business Services Authority  |  Anna Jablonksa Customer Experience Leader, Sky  |  Ryan McColl Customer Experience Manager, Sky  |  Carrie Rivers Senior Lead, Thurrock Council  |  Michele Browne Customer Service Advisor, Thurrock Council  |  Tracie Heiser Assistant Director, Thurrock Council  |  Carrie Rivers Senior Customer Service Advisor, Thurrock Council

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Complete a short online form explaining why you are putting forward the nominee. This will be reviewed by the CCA Spotlight Awards Panel who will provide comment and feedback which can be shared with the nominee at the end of the process.

There are two points in the calendar year when CCA Spotlight Award nominees will be recognised:-

CCA Leaders' Summit (Manchester 3 November 2022)
CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner (Glasgow 27 April 2023)

Here is some inspiration for your entries:

• Spotlight the C-suite leaders /directors in your business who consistently work to keep teams energised, focused and motivated. Their focus on communication and consistent messaging provides reassurance and confidence that you are valued and in safe hands and working for a great employer.
• Spotlight the operations managers and heads of department who understand the day-to-day challenges of working in front-line customer operations and are committed to implementing the necessary changes to support improvements. Service excellence and doing the right thing for customer and staff is top of mind.
• Spotlight the team leaders who support, encourage and coach their teams to be the best they can be. Their focus on getting it right for the customer is their priority, whilst making sure their teams have the tools, skills and expertise to deliver.

All Platinum Members and CCA Accredited members will receive one complimentary entry.
Additional entries cost £250 plus VAT.

CCA members: £250 plus VAT per entry
Non-members: £400 plus VAT per entry

Awards being presented at CCA Leaders' Summit (Manchester 3 November 2022)
Deadline: 7th October 2022 at 5pm
Awards being presented at CCA Excellence Awards Gala Dinner (Glasgow 27 April 2023)
Deadline: 7th April 2023 at 5pm

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The entry form for the 2023 Spotlight Awards will be available here w/c 16th May 2022

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